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Life’s eventuality brings a phone call of devastating news, taking us to our knees, as we say, “Please it can’t be happening to me.”  A loss, the ‘C’ word, an accident; they all send us swiftly into the dark.  At that moment, we try to turn on the light, but we can’t always get there.  So, we need others to help us.  Like music relayed along phone lines, prayer travels our intangible connections to uplift and regenerate.  When I got the call eleven years ago, “Memory Lake” was a journey yet to begin.  But, Lake Michigan was there, and always had been, waiting for me; a beautiful presence; a large place.  I can’t always see it.  But I know it is there.  To Dana fighting the ‘C’ word, to Misty and Becky fighting loss, and to all others in the dark just now, I say;

“Meet me once again; Down off Lake Michigan; Where we could feel the storm blowing; Down with the wind,”  (Matt Kearney, Closer to Love  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMRXXBGotnw