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Mt. SchweitzerWhen Mt. Schweitzer is covered in clouds, there is no internet service.  So, glance out the window before going on the computer.

Internet only....

Internet only….

Having a Direct TV dish does not mean you receive television channels, especially ESPN, and you need to spend Sunday at Sweet Lou’s if you want to watch football.

Wood StoveEcofans do not need batteries or electricity.  They only need a hot stove.

The Sauna...

The Sauna…

Snow shoes are needed to beat a path to the sauna.

Camping all year long...

Camping all year long…

People do live in yurts, which is like camping all the time.  These round, glorified tents have canvas or vinyl on the outside and wool felt on the inside.  They sit on wooden platforms.  Yes they are cold, so keep the wood stove lit.

Wood pile

Having a well stocked wood pile is like having money in the bank.

mooseMoose like to hang out in wet, low-lying areas and can devour five or six aspen saplings in ten minutes.   This cow and calf were spotted before the snow hit.  We had two blizzards and three feet of snow in ten days.

iglooHomemade igloos could double as a smokehouse for local trout.

20121224_122116Lastly, everyone in North Idaho is friendly and helpful.  I believe it is because they are surrounded by breathtaking beauty and because they live so very far away from Washington D.C., where I must soon return.