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Regardless of news reports, “The world is not going to the dogs.  The human race is not doomed.  Civilization is not going to crash.  The Captain is on the bridge.”

Sunrise or sunset?

Sunrise or sunset?

The Captain is not President, Congress, Prime Minister, Parliament, or Pope. Emmet Fox reminds us, “God is still in business.”  It may seem incompetent buffoons are in charge, and we have little say in how they govern us; except to vote every so often and write a letter or two.  In truth, when all of us band together and “…realize the Presence of God where trouble seems to be,” we can affect change.  Close your eyes, breath deeply, smile because all is well, and mentally put God in charge.  That’s it.  You have just prayed for your country. Believe it. God is on the Bridge.