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We’re off and running in 2014 and I’ve discovered I’m in the middle of at least six races at once.  Because I like to run, (saves time), I say ‘Yes’ quite often to a new race without yet knowing the route.  (If you want to jump to the finish line of this, go ahead to the last paragraph.*)

My writer's group in Manassas, Virginia.  In honor of the rails running through Manassas, sight of both Civil War battles of Bull Run, (northern name) Battles of Manassas, (southern names).

My writer’s group in Manassas, Virginia. In honor of the rails running through Manassas; sight of Civil War Battles of Bull Run, (the Union name) or Battles of Manassas, (the Confederate name).

There are two places in my life where I’m slow and cautious, and do not run.  The first is my writing.  I view it as a slow, solitary walk in the woods; full of reflection, backtracking, pauses to discover little treasures, and a keen, ever-mindful eye on the path.  The second is when I’m dealing with money, at home or at work.  I close out the world and only see numbers.  As for the rest, I follow my intuition and run where life takes me.  When I like a person, place or thing, I always say ‘Yes’ to him, her, or it.  (Being married to a ‘No’ person is very helpful!)

Write by the Rails Marketing Panel..

Write by the Rails Marketing Panel..

Prior to publishing a book, I was only running three races with family, friends, and work.  Once Memory Lake hit the marketplace, the other races began.  I stepped out from behind the computer to say ‘Yes’ to book signings, interviews, and speaking at book groups, clubs, and special events.  Along this race, I met other authors and joined “Write by the Rails“, (WbtR).  We are a writing group, kind of like AA for writers, where we support each other and find venues to help each other market our works.  Being in WbtR, led me to say ‘Yes’ to our President, who asked me to get involved in Prince William County’s Art Council.  I said ‘Yes’ to that President and became the Art Council’s Secretary-Treasurer.  I also said ‘Yes’ to my boss of 21 years, (a wonderful woman, whom I adore), when she asked me to find a way for her very quaint town center, Tackett’s Mill, to serve the community.  (She owns other properties, which I oversee as CFO, but Tackett’s is our favorite, and it’s where my office is located.)  Thank goodness, these three races will converge in 2014.  Tackett’s Mill will have a beautiful community center and one of its first events will be the announcement of a ‘Poet Laureate’, as organized by WbtR and sponsored by the Arts Council.

Fellow author's book signing; Linda Johnston.

Fellow author’s book signing; Linda Johnston. (That’s me, in green, my favorite color.)

* It’s quite rewarding for me to see all that running around last year was not in circles.  It is following a route toward a finish line.  Good thing too, because I just said ‘Yes’ to a blog tour!  It is the “Endless Possibilities Blog Tour”, organized by WbtR members.  It means another race for me, and if you run it with me, you will meet other authors and may just find that next good book to read.

Here is the list, in no particular order, because it is a race, after all.