It is time to enroll your kids, or grand kids, in summer camp!  Give them a summer free from electronics and immerse them in nature. Do you know someone whose kids could benefit?  Share this link;  http://find.acacamps.org/

I wrote Memory Lake for camp lovers, and for those who had never attended camp, so they would understand why so many of us grow wistful and blurry-eyed at the mere mention of the word ‘camp’.  I wanted to immerse readers in the camp experience, so they would feel as if they had attended, and so they would understand why they should send their kids to camp.  I also wanted to give back to the camp culture, to ensure it remains alive in the United States, because I believe it is important for our kids to experience nature.  (Link to Memory Lake in e-book: Click Here)

The Majesty of Nature...

The Majesty of Nature…

Why is it important for our kids to form a connection to nature?  Because nature connects us to our humanity.   As humans, we are spiritual beings, whether we acknowledge it or not.   The essence of what makes us human, our self-awareness, and our ability to choose, these are spiritual gifts.  Some people float along without purpose, never fully knowing what they are capable of through these gifts.   Being in nature allows our spiritual identity to emerge.  It doesn’t take much to be in awe, in nature, a sunset, a thunderstorm.  And when we are still, and in awe, we discover our inner self, we have that epiphany, that revelation, and from that, we derive a purpose.

Sleep-over summer camp is a very effective alternative environment that jump-starts maturity levels and helps kids to find, and be, their true selves by helping them find their inner strengths.  It also helps them find friends who will celebrate their strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses.

A Past President of Harvard, Charles Eliot, said over a hundred years ago, “The organized summer camp is the most important step in education that America has given the world.”

A contemplative view...

A contemplative view…

Spring LOC: David Ellis

Discovery and adventure allow growth…

I used to attend camp on Lake Michigan, near Sleeping Bear Dunes, for seven weeks at a time over five summers in the Nineteen-Seventies, as a teenager.  Memory Lake is that trans formative journey and it shows how sleepover summer camp, and nature, can change even the most troublesome teenager into a confident, grateful, and inspired adult.  This is not the National Lampoon version of summer camp, where boys and girls just want to sneak out, or mean girls play mean pranks , or everyone just wants to win some crazy competition.  This is summer camp as it was intended to be; education over the summer that immerses kids in nature and gives them real challenges with a system in place to develop integrity and courage, and a spiritual connection. 

All high school kids are ready for sleepover camp.  If children younger than high school are home-bodies, try day camp.  If they always want to hang out at a friend’s house, send them to sleepover camp as young as twelve.  You will never regret it and your kids will thank you, thank you, thank you.  Search for a camp near you;  http://find.acacamps.org/ 

I’m already saving up so KT, (my daughter) can send Lilly (my granddaughter) some day!

KT, camp alumni, and Lilly, future camper!

KT, camp alumni, and Lilly, future camper!