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Admiring natural beauty during the day will increase your intuitive intelligence…

Our lives are predominantly a series of small, daily events. It is how we handle the daily events that matters, not so much what those events are. In this spirit, many of us have discovered we are happier on the whole, we can handle a crises better, and our days are much more interesting, if we can sustain a heightened awareness of life’s mysterious and inexplicable coincidences. The trouble is, we lack common words to describe these mysteries. The ones available to us are either too broad or too vague. For example, Déjà vécu (pronounced vay-koo), is the most common type of déjà vu, yet we don’t even use this term.  Instead, we use déjà vu for everything to the point of it being meaningless.   (Check out this broad list of strange-phenomena; ListVerse.com)

I propose the establishment of a micro-vocabulary to expand our awareness of these little mysteries.  By naming them, we’ll be admitting they do indeed happen, and not just to me, but to others, and perhaps they can happen more frequently, and even advance to higher levels.  Prayer studies and ESP studies show a correlation between belief and accuracy.  The greater the belief, the greater the accuracy.  Therese M. Rowley Ph.D, calls this Mapping a New Reality.  In her book, (of the same name, which I highly recommend,) she challenges us to discover our intuitive intelligence.  

 Tele-reach!  A new word...

Tele-reach! A new word…

This blog post will begin simply with the sensation of knowing who is calling on the phone without the aid of caller ID or unique ring tones.  Let’s call it tele-reach

Tele-reaching in action...

Tele-reach in action…

I found this question randomly posted on Yahoo; “Do you have a good sense of who’s calling by just hearing the phone ring?”  Someone commented, “Yes, I always know when it is my mom or when it is one particular friend. It probably has a lot more to do with the long distance ring vs the local ring setting on my phone and the amount of time that has passed since I last talked to either. But it sure feels like ESP.”

Let’s agree this can happen without the benefit of ring tones. Not only do I usually know when the caller is my daughter, son, sister, dad, close friend, or husband, but we frequently demonstrate an ability to induce the other to call.  This, of course, increases the frequency of it happening.  Here’s how tele-reach works: think of that person with a true desire and need to have a conversation.  Go about your mundane tasks; getting the mail, opening the mail, letting out the dog.  All the while, think about the need to speak to that person.  See if that phone does not ring, and you know who it is.

Now, I’m going to tele-reach my grand-daughter who is not yet 2.  When I’m successful, she begs to reach the phone and says, “Mayme, Mayme, Mayme.” It drives her parents crazy, but it sure makes my day to hear the phone ring and know it is Lilly, with a little help from mom or dad.

See if you can tele-reach someone today.  Then, please, talk about it.  Together, we can Map a New Reality.

Thank you for believing!