Today I’m saving my life. Today, I stepped over the bounds of legality, walked across a vacant lot, and sat on the forbidden beach above the tide line.

Others have been here.  I see their footprints.  I believe they feel the same as I.  Fifteen minutes in the presence of such beauty restored my soul. Nature is where I feel God’s presence the most, and I especially feel it at the beach. I felt it along the shores of Lake Michigan as a teenager.  Today I needed to feel it along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. I needed to feel close to God so I could pray for my family, my neighbors, my country, and my world. Being denied this beauty, feels like being denied God’s presence.

I refuse to be a victim of the evils of this material world. I believe God gave us dominion over everything material, including illness in every form.  I believe health is more contagious than illness. I believe Love is more contagious than hate.  I believe joy is more contagious than sadness.  And, I believe peace is more contagious than fear and panic.  Today, I am the resistance.