Novels by Nancy S. Kyme:

“Memory Lake; The Forever Friendships of Summer” by Nancy S. Kyme, is first place winner in the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Inspirational category. *

Set along the shores of Lake Michigan, near the Sleeping Bear Dunes, time runs parallel between a present day journey and a distant place of memory where friendships formed and faith grew.  Facing her mom’s recent passing, the author recalls another time in her life when she was learning to live without her.  Told to her teenage daughter through a series of idyllic, challenging, and oftentimes humorous flashbacks, the author reveals camp’s lasting influence. 

This memoir will infiltrate your dreams.  Even if you’ve never attended summer camp, you’ll feel as if you have.

Take the journey back to “Memory Lake”.badge250x125_nlapw

First Edition available online, and as an e-book.   Second Edition available in book stores everywhere, and as an e-book.

Amazon link:

The author’s  (Has links to buy the book, and cool stuff about the book.)

The author’s blogYOU ARE HERE!  (Check out my posts on the menu to your left.)

Same as “Memory Lake,” these writings examine life and its infinite miracles.

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The Author’s contact information:  nskymeATgmailDOTcom

About the author:  Nancy Schmidt Kyme attended Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, earned her BA from Minot State University and MBA from the University of Nebraska.  Born in Michigan and raised in South Bend, Indiana, she is a private pilot, CPA, CFO of a small corporation,  member of the D.C. Branch of the National League of American Pen Women, Director of The Clearbrook Foundation, award winning author.


13 thoughts on “Novels by Nancy S. Kyme:”

  1. Dear Nancy:

    A belated thank you for reading and commenting so kindly on my post about camp called True North that I had linked through Huffington Post. I am going to read your book – it sounds great and how wonderful to win an award! I know you must have worked hard and it sounds like many have enjoyed it. I am sure I will too and I will stop by after I read it.

    I have another entry about camp that you might enjoy called A Lightning Strike. Here is a link to it:

    Best wishes,
    Beth Tillman

    • Thank you for visiting and I appreciate the link. Your story of winning “Lady of Sequoya” is so evocative of camp and so well written its imagery makes me feel as if I were there. I just spent the past weekend on a retreat with camp friends and we relived similar memories through a prism of unconditional love and laughter. Always, such awards went to campers who least expected it and truly deserved it. So, I want to think; if my friends and I had been in your cabin and focused on you with the trophy during the lightning strike, standing there like Lady Liberty, we would have considered it a wondrous sight worthy of further celebration and sweet laughter well into the night.

      • Dear Nancy:

        Thanks for reading it and understanding from inside what it meant. And I would like to think that my cabinmates would have thought the same – I love the alternative way you gave me to think about what they might be thinking. “To see ourselves as others see us” – this is not easy – we are often too hard on ourselves. You are good to help me with a different view. Many thanks again for taking the time. I’ll be back when I read your book.


  2. Thx for the recommendation. I’m looking for another relaxing book to read.

    • Thanks Gardengirl! My mom earned one of our country’s first degrees in Early Childhood Development from Michigan State University in 1958. I understand why you have this degree as well; your kind heart and gentle patience with gardening and family really shines through your blog. Thank your for the nomination and congratulations on your many awards.

      • And the similarities continue…Is your second edition out yet? I didn’t get it the first time around and would really like to read it. Thank you so much for your kind and generous words.

      • It’s available now on e-book. The publisher is expediting final production, but that might be a few weeks or another month. I’ll let you know! Thanks for asking.

  3. Hi, It’s been a while since we have communicated, but I wanted to let you know that I have not let go of my goal of writing a memoir. I still write whenever a thought or memory comes to mind and the story seems to be evolving and taking on a life of it’s own. Soon I will need to do an outline and get some organization to it. Thinking of you keeps the spark alive in me to finish this project. Thank you for that.

  4. Hi Nancy,
    I’ve nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Don’t feel pressure to accept, but if you would like to, you will find the rules here:
    Whether you decide to accept or not, I just wanted to let you know that you inspire me!
    Happy New Year!

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