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Susan's first drawing

Susan’s first drawing

I wasted many thoughts in my twenties and thirties on imagined worries.  In my forties, I had more reason to worry but I chose not to.  On separate paths, my sister and I helped each other to consciously change our thought.  We decided to waste no more on troublesome people, situations, or conditions.  Instead, we would strive to think positively and creatively.

Susan drew flowers for an assignment at a pre-school conference. The instructor encouraged her so much she bought colored pencils and played around. She laughs to recall the poor quality of the pencils, and the drawing’s primitive elements. Slowly improving, never giving up, she took a few lessons, advancing to water-color and acrylics.*  Since most of us are visual learners, and we continually need proof of even the simplest of truths, consider Susan’s art.  From flowers to mountains, she has proven, “What you think upon grows.”  It can be a daily battle to keep our thoughts positive.  But, today, I feel armed.  Thank you, Susan, for your sharing your beautiful example.


Susan's Mountain

Susan’s Mountain

*Terminology verified by dear friend, K.T.