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While a writer was awakening in me, an artist was awakening in my sister.  In these unexpected ways, we blossomed after our mom died eleven years ago.  We adored her and she adored us.  She charged us full of confidence, prayers, and joy.  We had depended on her like protons depend on a neutron.*  When she died, we fell apart.  But, somehow we pieced it all together to come back even stronger.  How did we do this?  This question has puzzled us for years.

Had we become self-centered in our pursuits?  Had we substituted ourselves where she had been?  No.

We had learned that relying on an individual to complete one’s universe is a risky, limited engagement.  When we fell apart, we saw her life’s example at our incomplete center.  She had never placed her mom, husband, or children in the center.  She had placed there a Divine Mind; a very loving God.  This had been the source of her strength.  As soon as we followed her example, we began to heal.  By placing this infinite presence in our center, we formed an even stronger nucleus.  We became charged with a limitless source of creativity and inspiration.

We are all God’s art.  Never doubt it.  Claim your center with “God which art in heaven,” and you will thrive and blossom.

Next time I’ll show you my sister’s art.  (This is not it.)

* photo altered from swiftcraftymonkey.blogspot.com. Chemistry advice provided by daughter, KT.